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1 hour


Guitar classes at Token Studio are an excellent way to unlock areas of unexplored creativity. The class will cover: – Technique – Harmony and theory – Ear training – Recording and producing – Reading and writing music – Music notation software – Improvisation – Fretboard skills – Arranging – Composing – Stylistic awareness

What to expect



What you need

First, let’s talk about what you need to bring to your lesson. In addition to bringing a positive attitude and desire to learn guitar (after all, you have been looking forward to this day, right?), it would be a good idea to bring your guitar, if you have one.

Minimum Requirements

To get started using HowNow, please make sure your computer or laptop meets the requirements:

Latest version of Google Chrome web browser.
A webcam, microphone, and headphones or speakers;
A good Internet connection with at least 350 kbps bandwidth for each participant.

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Alejandro C

Not everyone can teach a language, no matter how many diplomas, certificates they have. The main ingredient is being able to communicate with your students at a very personal level. To do this you must love both; teaching and people.


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Guitar Riff!!!!!